Brokerage Account Locates

Brokerage Account Locate

What is a Brokerage Account Locate?

Answer: The most common type of personal financial account with substantial holdings is the brokerage or investment account.

Brokerage accounts are prime targets for judgment collection matters due to their high cash value.

A well-experienced asset investigator can locate these types of accounts legally and effectively.

Locating brokerage accounts is a specialized skill. Always use an experienced asset locate company. We have over 30 years of experience in locating assets.

Remember that an asset search can make the difference in winning or losing your case.

What Type of Asset Search Do I Need?

Answer: Typically, brokerage account investigations and asset reports are practical when looking to satisfy a judgment of $25k or more.

Brokerage and investment searches are used for asset discovery for civil litigation circumstances. Investment accounts typically hold larger sums of money than bank accounts.

If you are attempting to recover less than $25k, then bank account searches are the most cost-effective solution.

We are happy to discuss asset searches with you! Feel free to contact us with any questions.

How Long Does a Brokerage Account Search Take?

Answer: Brokerage/Investment accounts can be located within 7 to 15 business days.

These types of searches are a more thorough asset investigation and require a little more time than a typical asset search.

Please feel free to contact us for guidance on the type of asset search you may need.

Hidden Assets – Can they be found?

Answer: Hidden assets can be located by diligent investigation. Sometimes assets are moved to brokerage accounts.

Individuals think that their money can’t be found in a brokerage/investment account. We can find them!

The most common way to hide assets is to transfer them to another entity, such as an LLC or shell corporation.

The best way to determine if a subject is hiding assets is to obtain an investigation asset report. This type of report will detail all entities associated with an individual.

An asset search will provide you with valuable details. It is very key in any type of litigation procedure.